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Hier entsteht eine Angebotsübersicht über Beratungsleistungen.  Diese Beratung dient ausschliesslich der technischen Aufklärung und Darstellung.  Es gibt keine Finanzberatung!


What is crinf.net ?   

CRINF.NET IS AN EARNING, MARKETING, AND RESEARCH PLATFORM  WHICH STARTED in OCTOBER 2019 WITH THE CRYPTO FAUCET.  At the beginning of 2020, the basic PTC feature was added, and in DECEMBER 2020 finally, the poll feature was released.  Since then we are continuously growing and improving.  

On crinf.net you can earn cryptocurrency, promote your links, websites, shops, blogs with our PTC feature or create polls to make research and get detailed customizable reports.  All activity is fueled with cryptocurrency.  crinf.net does not accept fiat money!